Sacred: A Meditative Soundscape

Systemic inequality got you down? Show the world you're brushing it off by acknowledging your inherent worth and divinity. You know you belong here. You are no longer scared, you're...

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The Latest

Beloved: A Meditative Soundscape

You were born worthy. Your existence is a testament to your strength, your fortitude, your beauty. Your survival is a gift to others. You are a light which you yourself...

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Food as Medicine

Is Veganism a

Is Veganism a "White" Thing?

The clean eating, green beauty, and holistic health movements seem to be, at a glance, predominantly promoted by and marketed to upper/middle class Caucasians. This view does people of color a...

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"Clean Eating", Race, and Class

Clean Eating. Green Beauty. Holistic Healthcare. These two-word combinations are largely positive. Yet for people of color, it's easy to feel excluded from these types of movements.

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